Term & Conditions

Website / App Distime.co.id are assets owned by PT INDOJAYA MITRA KREASI. By using the information, services, products on Distime web site you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Read carefully all the terms and conditions below before you decide to use the information, services and products.


When registering an account at Distime, you must send your personal information right. When choosing a password, try to create a secure password that can not be guessed anyone.

After completing the registration process, you will be responsible for protecting your own password and not show it to anyone else. Distime will allow all access made by the account as an access made by users who signed up for the account, even though the user name and password used by someone who is not an owner of the account and do not get permission from the owner of the account.

If you find someone using your user name and password without your permission to go in and use the service on the website Distime, immediately change your password and tell us to get support on getting a new password.


When you enter and use the website, DISTIME may collect and store information about statistics, personal information when registering. Information about the name, phone number, email ... etc. We may use this information to send you an email mailing list associated with Distime. In addition, such information can also be used for planning, researching, designing, and promoting Distime services or collect the information to a Government department based on their requests.


Users will be responsible for the information they submit in web site Distime and should not be or let someone causing trouble, inconvenience, disruption of DISTIME as well as customers or other users.

You are committed to use the website as necessary within the current laws and regulations and agree not to use the website or transmit, transfer, distribute or connect with content:

+ Contains information advertising
+ Unlawful and Indonesian Government Regulation
+ Violating Regulations Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual Property Rights, Private Property Rights ... etc.
+ Contains sexual content, inflammatory, slanderous
+ Violating security, identity, web site interface Distime

Any action that violates the rules, Distime will revoke the rights to use the web site of the offenders. In addition, based on the level of offense, the offenders should be held legally responsible.

Distime.id web site is open to the public. Distime will take away the right to all types of information, including: information point, review, photos ... etc and other information related to the place and the user will belong Distime ownership and all this information will not be "Deleted" for any reason. The information that can be deleted is information that is not relevant or spam governed by Admin.


DISTIME has a security method for web sites and services. However, Distime certainly not be able to prevent websites from destructive actions and viruses on the Internet.

DISTIME not ensure the accuracy or increase the information on this web site. Periodically, Distime will supplement, amend, update function and information on the website without telling her first. Under any circumstances, Distime will not be liable for any loss, damage, the result of using information from this website, or any failure, error, interference, inaction information.
Use of information on this website is entirely dependent on the user risks. Under any circumstances, Distime and their representatives will not be liable for any loss direct, indirect, accidental, special, absolutely.

Distime web site contains links from other websites that are not in the possession or under the control Distime Distime, also with information from third parties. For these reasons, Distime will not be liable for any failure, error in the information and content that is cited, privacy, security, and web sites that link if a user loses access to or use of such web sites.


We have the authority to add, change or delete information as well as changing the user interface, features, components, functions and content from this website, including any part, item, section without giving notification.


We have the authority to change the terms and conditions without notifying in advance. By using the website Distime as amended means that you accept the new terms and conditions.


+ You must not violate, access, approach, use or find a way to abuse, access, approach or using any part on our server or any other database without permission from us.

+ You may or may not take action to restrict other users to use the features on the website Distime.

+ You may not transmit or disseminate any information that is illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, contrary, porografi, dirty ... etc or violate the ethical standards of society in all its forms, including the spreading or encouraging activities that may be illegal or violate the Law of the regional / national / international. We respect freedom of speech, yet still maintain our right to remove, eliminate most or all of the content submitted by users without regard to violations that appear or only implied.

+ You must not send or distribute information that is considered advertising, junk mail, invitations with pressure, opportunities or any kind of communication unsolicited commercial users, email / spam messages.

+ You must not send or distribute information that is not yours, unless the information is free. You may not transmit information contain viruses, trojans, bugs or harmful components.
+ You may not transmit, publish, distribute, reproduce, distribute or exploit any information from Distime to be used for any commercial purpose; or transmit, publish, distribute, reproduce, distribute any form of information and content that is protected by Copyright Law and Intellectual Property Law Distime or create something different from the content without permission (with document) of the owner or holder of the Copyright.

+ You may not use the information on this website in any form or used for any purpose, unless the requirement is made in this rule.


We have all the authority at any time to prohibit or restrict your access to the entire website DISTIME or certain areas of the website as soon as possible without notifying in advance, if we discover that you have violated these Terms and Conditions, or if we notice that the restrictions are natural and important based on our authority.


Content provided by DISTIME may contain material from third parties or other sources. Therefore, we are not responsible for any content and material on our web site. You use all the information at risk to yourself.


You agree to indemnify the legal obligations, procedures, prices, costs (including legal costs unlimited) associated with or caused by your breach of the terms and conditions DISTIME. We can, in a state that is required, or to obey the Law, joined the procedure for complaints to negotiate and join.


All intellectual property rights in the website is owned by PT Indojaya Distime Creative Partners. Thus, all of the legal rights guaranteed. Unless you get permission from DISTIME, you may not collect, transmit, publish or re-publish, transmit or distribute any material Distime website in any form, or make modifications to the content on the website Distime.

In the area where you can collect your content, you can share information as permitted under our default format and you have to be responsible for the information, content, photos or other division between you and other users or other user groups.

However, under any circumstances, we can maintain the right to edit the information that you collect are made in accordance with customs and traditional, ethical rules, regulations to ensure national security. We have all the authority to allow or not allow content to be published on a web site or an area that is allowed to share information.

We have all the authorities, including copyright, trademark, trade secrets and other proprietary rights, website content, products and services provided by Distime. The use of our rights of ownership and should be allowed in the document by Distime. Besides passed in the form of documents, was not passed in the form of another well publicized or implied, or by letting you use our services. So you may not use the website or our services for any commercial purpose without the permission of the document DISTIME first.

You agree to allow us to use, demonstrate, implement and edit ideas, concepts, methods, ideas, review or other forms of notifications that you collected regarding an DISTIME freely and entirely free of charge.


You agree to actually authorize us (including rights of mental or other rights required) to use, display, reproduce, publish, edit, provide, promote, transmit, translate and make the combination, in part or in full, worldwide without asking in return. This authority can be applied to any shape, manner known technologies or developing, you should tell that the posting on websites, or in areas that are allowed to maintain zoom on our website even though your account is blocked for a reason.


All information is just for your reference entirety. DISTIME will not be responsible for such information.

You will be solely responsible for the use and access to web sites Distime. Distime only for personal purposes and we do not represent or guarantee whatsoever, that announced specific or implied in any purpose.
You act and really trust your own evaluation proficiency using and how you understand the information you see in Distime. You are responsible for ensuring the use of your information in accordance with all the rules and provisions of the Act at this time.

Limitation of liability on "Terms and Conditions" will be applied in full scale allowed by current law.


If you are unsure whether your copyright is used to break copyright rules, you can contact us at cssupport@Distime.co.id


You agree that the "Terms and Conditions" and all the differences that result from using this website or our services will be overcome by an Act of Indonesia today. By registering and using our web site, you agree to and abide by all the rules and provisions of the Act Indonesia.